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Our recruitment options...


Perfect for lower level roles and urgent needs...

  1. Detailed job brief
  2. Candidates presented
  3. Client interview
  4. Selection & placement


Perfect for important roles, where you’d prefer to take a little more time to find the right candidate…

  1. Detailed job brief
  2. Candidate top-grading
  3. Candidates presented
  4. Client interview
  5. Offer & negotiation
  6. Selection & placement


Perfect for multi-hires or unique testing requirements...

  1. Detailed brief
  2. Customised recruitment process (including testing)
  3. Client interview
  4. Selection & placement


Here's what our awesome clients have to say...

"Working with Grow My team has enabled us to access excellent and highly-skilled talent all over the world. We have been with Grow My Team for almost two years now (basically since they started) and have currently have 2 staff based out of South Africa, 5 in the Philippines and 1 in the United States." 

- Pam Gerstmann, WE

"The selection process of candidates using Grow My Team has been seamless. Our team members are hard-working, efficient and have integrated as one very quickly with our local employees. From a cost perspective, it's also provided us with fantastic leverage as we are able to have more team members using the same restricted budget."

- Carly Ascott, We Love Numbers

"I chose Grow My Team because at the end of the day I wanted a person to speak to on the phone or email or in person, who understood what I was trying to achieve in my business, and who could help to nurture the right attitudes and match people to grow our human resources organically."

- Rob Delaney, Manufactory S2S