Congratulations on your new hire and welcome to our community. We think Vince Vaughn would also love to be one of our clients. ;)

We try to keep things simple, so here are our guidelines for your review, this ensures we're all on the same page.


Activity Levels

We monitor your team member’s activity levels in Hubstaff every day. In the event their activity levels fall significantly for two days in a row, we will send you an email to check in and see that everything is going well. Low activity levels may indicate your team member is not being productive with their time. However, lower activity levels can also occur if your team member is doing a lot of onscreen reading, research or making phone calls.


If you would like to provide your team member with a bonus or some other type of incentive please let us know and we can help facilitate that process for you. Some ideas include a gift card, movie voucher or a monetary bonus for targets being hit.


When you hire team members through us, you automatically become part of our global community of like-minded and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. We have a closed Facebook Group where we encourage dialogue and feedback between us and our clients, we also use this to provide important updates to you. We will send through an invite via email. If you are a client and for some reason have not yet received an invite please let us know at


We love feedback! If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via

Internet/Power Problems

In the event that your team member loses power or internet we will let you know via email as soon as possible. We continue to monitor their situation as closely as possible. Where appropriate we do encourage them to move to a temporary location where they will have internet access.

Medical and Personal Leave

In the event that your team member needs to take personal leave they are required to send you an email in advance and cc If a team member takes more than two days of medical leave, they are required to provide us with a medical certificate. Any time taken off for medical reasons is treated as unpaid leave, and your monthly bill (and their monthly rate) will be adjusted accordingly.

Notice of Termination

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to end the relationship with your team member. This is so we can have a quick chat about what worked and what didn't work. We will then ask you send an email to your team member and cc to advise them that the relationship is ending.


We run weekly webinars for all new clients. It is compulsory to attend / watch one of our webinars so that you are prepared for your team member’s first day, it is our goal to have both you and your new team member set up for success right from the get go.

Paid Leave

To ensure a positive relationship between all team members and clients we require that you provide a certain number of paid leave days per year to your staff depending on how long you have been working together. By December 1st of each year if you have had your staff member for:

6 months or more: You're required to provide five days of paid leave during the holiday period (we will advise the specific dates each year).
6 months or less: You're not required to provide paid leave. 

Public Holidays

We treat public holidays in your home country as normal work days for your global team members. To prepare please make sure that your team members have enough work to keep them occupied if you do not intend to be online during that time. If you would like to provide your team members with paid leave during that time, please send an email to and we will ensure your team member is notified. Please do not ask your team member to take unpaid leave during this time.


We monitor punctuality as best as possible. This is one of the reasons we suggest a set schedule of hours. Without a schedule we cannot effectively help to manage your team. If your team members are not online within 10 minutes of their scheduled start time we will email you to let you know and reach out to them directly.

Unpaid Leave

If your team members wish to take any personal leave, this is considered unpaid leave. If, however, you would like to provide them with paid leave (for e.g. to honour a birthday or some other celebratory day) then please let us know and we can help facilitate that process for you.

Referral Program

For every successful new client referral you will receive $200 off your next invoice. Your referral will also receive a $200 credit on their first monthly invoice.


We recommend all team members work a set schedule of hours each week. We work with you to create something that works for both you and your team member (for e.g. 9am - 5pm might not work but 10am - 6pm might be perfect).

Performance Reviews

To ensure that your team members are continuing to learn and develop we require that all team members and clients participate in quarterly performance reviews. We will facilitate this process via email. You may elect at any review to also increase the monthly rate of your team member or provide a monetary bonus (for e.g. a 5% increase once per year).

Software and Hardware

All team members must have a wired internet connection speed of at least 5 Mbps, a current computer and a working headset. If you require your team member to use any additional hardware or software you will be required to provide that and where possible we will do our best to assist (for e.g. we can easily help with additional Skype credits).

Start Date

All new staff commence work on a Monday. This is to make things easier for you and for us.


You can terminate your team member at any time in the first month from the start date of engagement. However, if you decide to terminate in the second month onward, please allow two weeks notice, so we can try to place the team member with another client and not leave them unexpectedly without income, and to give us time to find you a suitable replacement.

Direct Hiring

Should you wish to directly hire your team member, and take over all ongoing management and payment responsibilities, you may do so by paying us an exit fee of $3,000 per team member.