Our story

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Sarah Riegelhuth | Founder and CEO

“When I hired my first team member remotely, it was all about saving money. My business was at the stage we were really struggling to manage the growth journey. The experience shifted my mindset immediately. I saw a huge opportunity for the business to start hiring people in other parts of the world, where costs was less expensive, as the company grew. This was when Grow My Team was born.

Over the next 5 years, using Grow My Team to recruit and manage our team, Wealth Enhancers moved from being a local team of 15 in an office in Melbourne, Australia, to being a fully global, remote team who all work from home with fully flexible hours. Getting rid of our office saved about $200K annually alone. The business moved into profit and at the same time was able to deliver a much better service to our clients as we had the resources to do this.

Since I’ve started running all my businesses remotely my mindset has completely shifted as well. I've become a far better leader and as a result suffer very low turnover within my team, who are all highly engaged resulting in a better performing business.

I’ve gone from being a micro-managing leader, suffering high turnover and an unhappy team, working long hours and having everyone turn up at the office at a certain time each day... to moving to the US, traveling roughly 6 months a year, loving the sh*t out of my team and operating in a stress-free manner!

My team happiness score (an anonymous survey sent monthly to everyone in my team) is 9.5 / 10. I live and die by this number, and see this as my main metric to ensure I am creating the right environment for my people to thrive



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Apple | Ops & Finance

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Pam | Business Consultant

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Jethe | Staff Happiness

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Liam | Growth Consultant

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Joi | Recruitment

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Theo | Brand & Marketing



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Growth doesn’t always mean bigger, it can also mean better. And that’s what we believe in.

How can we make everything we do better, on a continual basis, always looking for ways to deliver a better service, to streamline what we do, to increase the happiness of everyone involved, to improve profitability for both our company and for our clients, to ensure our contractors are thriving in their careers.

A willingness to receive feedback with gratitude, to look inward, and to do the work to improve always.



What would happen if businesses around the world were supported by truly engaged and in sync teams that loved what they do?

It’s a question we ask ourselves every day and the vision that fuels our work.

Remote work has opened the door to a whole different way of collaborating and growing.

However it’s our job to take this to the next level, promoting conscious work culture where both people and businesses thrive.

Freedom. Trust. Empowerment. This is the future of work.

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Being teal

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We identify ourselves as a teal organisation. What does that mean? It means we embrace 3 main concepts: self management, wholeness and sense of purpose.

We operate effectively with a system based on peer relationships. With no need for hierarchy, we have a high level of autonomy and accountability.

Together we create an environment where we’re free to express our whole self. That makes us bring a whole lot of passion, energy and creativity into our work.

Our purpose is driven by what the world requires of us.


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