What’s the best country to source your next remote team member?

If you’re looking to fill a role in your company and you need a talented (but affordable) worker, hiring someone remote makes a lot of sense. It means you’re not limited to any single location, and you can find the best person for the job from anywhere in the world. It’s exciting, but also overwhelming…

Where do you start?

We’re in a global economy now, and you can access talent anywhere in the world to build and grow your team. But with so much available choice and opportunity, how can you narrow down your search?

We’ve put together some information based on our experience hiring hundreds of remote workers from all over the world. Hopefully it’ll help you see (at a glance) which countries are best suited to your role(s).

So, here are some of the top outsourcing locations (some better known than others!) and the roles we’ve had the most success with from those locations.

Ukraine: for highly skilled, underpriced IT workers

Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and indeed - much of Eastern Europe - are brimming with skilled and talented workers, especially in the following roles:
    •    IT
    •    Engineering
    •    Software development
    •    App development
    •    Web design and development

Prices for a Ukrainian remote worker start from around $9AUD/hour or $1,300 AUD/month.

Brazil: for affordable but amazing design and development skills

Brazil, like much of Central and South America, is an area ripe for finding talented remote staff. With in-demand skills, low-cost living that translates to affordable rates, and a friendly culture that integrates well into virtual teams, they’re a top choice for many businesses.

If you’re looking for tech or design talent, Brazil and Latin America might be your first place to look as the qualified and experienced talent in this area is abundant (and rising).

It’s the perfect place for:
    •    Web design and development
    •    Graphic design
    •    App and software design
    •    Information technology

Prices for a Brazilian or Central/South American remote worker start from around $10AUD/hour or $1,400AUD/month.

South Africa: up and coming skilled, educated workforce

Over the last five years, South Africa has established itself as one of the leading locations for customer service, sales, and legal outsourcing. Recent figures from the Ministry of Agriculture, Economic Development and Tourism in South Africa revealed that the BPO industry in the Western Cape alone is worth R8 billion.

Despite these impressive figures, the wider business community hasn’t fully realised the potential available in this location… yet. We expect this trend to continue as more companies realise the talent and opportunities available in South Africa.

Here are our top roles for outsourcing to South Africa:
    •    Lawyers
    •    Paralegals
    •    Accountants
    •    Bookkeepers
    •    Recruiters

Prices for a South African remote worker start from around $7AUD/hour or $1,200AUD/month.

India: smart, hard-working, skilled in tech

India… what?! We get it. We know what you’re thinking. But unhelpful telephone call centers are so 90s. Today there’s an incredible amount of talent in India, especially if you’re keen to fill an IT/engineering role with a smart, capable employee.

Here are some of our top picks for roles in India:
    •    Engineers
    •    Software developers
    •    IT support
    •    Web and mobile development
    •    IT Security
    •    Cloud services

Prices for an Indian remote worker start from around $5AUD/hour or $950AUD/month.

Philippines: educated, friendly, and amazing at service

So this one probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise. When we started GMT in 2014, everyone was talking about outsourcing to the Philippines. It was all the rage. Every entrepreneur wanted a VA (virtual assistant) - and it’s safe to say this trend is still strong today.

But while we love the Philippines and have hired some amazing staff there, we’ve had greatest success from sticking to their strengths, which includes the following roles:
    •    Customer service reps
    •    Bookkeepers
    •    Accountants
    •    General administrative support
    •    Data entry
    •    Email and calendar management
    •    Digital marketing assistance

Prices for a Filipino remote worker start from around $4AUD/hour or $850AUD/month.

USA: for results-oriented, hardworking teams

You might be surprised to hear that you can get some amazingly talented (and affordable!) remote staff in USA. Of course, America is HUGE, which means the rates vary widely throughout. For example, we wouldn’t recommend finding a remote team member in New York, because you could find the same talent elsewhere in a location with much lower rates and living costs.

Here are our favourite roles to outsource to remote workers in the United States:
    •    Sales
    •    General manager/business manager
    •    Recruiter
    •    Virtual assistant
    •    Customer service

Prices for a North American remote worker start from around $13AUD/hour or $1,700 AUD/month.

Narrow down your options and cut the overwhelm

Hopefully this article will help you narrow down your options and get closer to finding your perfect candidate. Start with the country that’s the best fit for the role you’re looking to fill and filter out the other locations so you can find a qualified candidate much faster.

But really, the best way to avoid the overwhelm and find a talented worker quickly is to get help. Talk to our recruiters (they’re experts!), send through your talent request and let them know what you’re looking for. We’ve already have a database of talented workers all over the globe who are ready to fill your role.

Right now, we’re putting together a more detailed guide on recruiting around the globe, so make sure you join our mailing list so you’re one of the first to see it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about hiring your next remote team member or which countries are best for outsourcing, leave us a comment below. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction.