Remote work isn’t just for basic tasks

When you think of a remote worker… what do you picture? A VA in the Philippines or India? A transcriptionist? A general VA? Someone doing data entry all day long?

While many remote workers fit that picture, they’re really only a small percentage of the skills, tasks, and jobs you can outsource. There’s a whole world of talent out there. But so many employers don’t even know it exists!

You can add a broad range of amazing skills to your team with remote employees - the options are practically limitless.

Side note: Part of the reason why is because more skilled people want to work remotely today. Many of our top talent here at Grow My Team have skills that are in high-demand and while they could commute to an office everyday and get a great (well paid) local job, they’d much rather do it in a flexible environment, working from home. They care more about producing their best work and enjoying a balanced life. That’s why you can often get the best talent by hiring remote.

Ready to see what skills you can access and what higher level tasks you can outsource? We’ve put together a list of nine highly skilled jobs you can find AMAZING remote workers for, with tips on what to look for when you’re hiring for these roles.

This might be just what you need to see the full potential of a remote team and what it could do for your business…


Bookkeeping is one task that every business should outsource as soon as possible. Bookkeeping is more than just data entry - you need to understand certain financial principles and be savvy with numbers. It takes real skill and the right personal attributes to be a good bookkeeper.

Fortunately, there are loads of experienced and highly skilled bookkeepers who can work with your bookkeeping/accounting programs and get them in order and maintain them longterm. Look for someone with experience in your software and who has good attention to detail.

Pro tip: A lot of the time, you can get fully qualified accountants to do your bookkeeping when you hire remotely, for much less than you’d pay for a local bookkeeper.


Does your business need a dedicated accountant? Someone to manage everything behind the scenes, send invoices, run reports, and help you make the right decisions for your business? Consider adding a remote accountant to your team.

Accountants need to have the right qualifications and certifications (like CPA) so check this when you’re screening your candidates. Ideally, they’ll have experience in your accounting software and your local business/taxation laws, or demonstrate an aptitude to pick this up quickly with the right training and resources.


You might be looking to add a paralegal to support your law practice, improve efficiency, and offer better service to your clients. Hiring a paralegal is a lot more affordable than hiring another lawyer, and if you hire remote, that’s when you can get the absolute best value.

When you’re screening candidates, check that they’re qualified, experienced in your field, and appropriately licenced.


The cost of graphic design can vary hugely depending on how experienced your designer is and where they’re based. But when you’re open to hiring a skilled graphic designer remotely, you open up your options to find someone highly skilled and amazingly good value.

When screening graphic designer candidates, ask to see their portfolio and see if their skill set and experience matches what you’re looking for.


Web designers are responsible for the look and concept of your site, while web developers do the coding. You may hire just a web designer to create your site if you don’t need a lot of custom coded elements, or you might hire a designer to do your design, and then a developer to bring that design to life.

If you have a big website project planned or need to make updates to your site on a regular basis, it’s worth getting a dedicated team to help with this. You can save thousands per month by hiring skilled remote designers and developers to join your team.


These days, it’s actually quite difficult to find skilled copywriters and content writers to work in-house. Most of the talented writers choose to work freelance or remote.

Hiring a good copywriter means finding someone who can understand your business and your audience and write in a style that matches your brand. So check their portfolio and client list to see if they’re a fit. Make sure they’ve got experience writing the type of content you need, like website copy, social media content, blog articles, whitepapers, and brochures.

You’ll likely want someone who is a native English speaker - or who has at least demonstrated the ability to write like one.


You don’t have to keep your sales team in-house! With the wonders of Skype, email, and other remote tools, you can hire the most talented salespeople from all over the world.

Look for great communicators (both in writing and over the phone), a friendly accent that your customers will connect with, and a track record of success in sales. One of our favourite locations to find skilled sales managers and salespeople is South Africa.


Customer service is an area where most businesses feel spread thin. These days, you’re expected to communicate with and provide service to customers through email, phone enquiries, website chat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and the list could go on.

Hiring one or more remote workers could help you provide a high level of service across all these channels - 24/7! It can be a real point of difference that sets you apart from all your competitors.

When hiring a customer service manager or assistant, look for great communicators (both verbal and written) who can solve problems on their own and demonstrate initiative.


If all these roles sound overwhelming to you… maybe a project manager is what you really need?

A skilled project manager can oversee all the current projects, client relationships, and available talent on your team, and keep it all moving forward.

When hiring a project manager, look for someone who’s great at communicating, multi-tasking, and has amazing people skills. A proven track record in management will ensure they’re comfortable delegating and taking responsibility for outcomes.

Over to you...

Hopefully this has changed your perception on the type of work you can outsource to a remote team or worker. When you realise you can get help with more than just the basic tasks, it really opens up the options for growing your team and scaling your business, fast.

If you’ve got tasks you need help with and you’re ready to grow your team (like, yesterday), we can help. We’ve got skilled candidates ready to go from all of the above categories (plus a bunch more) who are available for full time or part-time positions.

Start here and let us know what you need. We can have your remote team up and running in as little as two weeks. It’s time you started leveraging global talent to grow your team and your business!

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