We don’t have an office. Here’s 5 reasons why you don’t need one either

Internally at Grow My Team, we’ve always worked remotely. Even in the beginning when our co-founders and myself were all based in Melbourne we essentially all worked from home and caught up occasionally for meetings and planning days in co-working spaces around the city. 

Nowadays, not a single one of our 7 team members are based in the same location, and we all work from home. It’s how we’ve always done it, and we all feel it makes us more productive and as a business it’s helped us keep our fixed costs low and enabled us to scale the company more effectively.

We’re big believers that making someone sit at desk from 9am - 5pm does not make them more productive. If anything, it makes them less productive. 

Here’s why being completely remote works for us and why it can work for you too:

1. Technology is amazing

With high speed internet and incredible software readily available (usually free or very low cost) most things, if not all, can be done remotely. We’ve put together a guide here that details all of the tools we use everyday. 

2. Makes you more efficient 

Having a remote team really forces you to clean up your processes. Because you cannot pass papers around the office and casually walk over to someone’s desk to ask a question you need to have everything systemised, process driven and documented. Working from home also cuts out a lot of the everyday distractions that we all encounter in a traditional office environment. Things like being interrupted by teammates throughout the day, long lunches and chats in the kitchen when you’re just trying to get a cup of coffee and get back to work!  

3. Access to incredible talent

The best talent isn’t necessarily located in your city. For example, our Global Head of Recruitment lives in North Carolina and our Operations Manager lives in Cape Town, South Africa. By going global we are not limited to physical proximity when we were searching for the best people to fill these roles.

4. Saves you money

With everyone working remotely from home, the business has no need to spend money on office infrastructure! You can cut out all of those fixed expenses like rent, furniture, kitchen supplies and utilities. In fact, one of our clients saved $200,000 a year by going remote.

The other way you can save money is by hiring staff from countries where the cost of living is lower resulting in their salaries being lower compared to hiring staff of a similar calibre locally.

5. Makes everyone accountable

We make sure everything in our business is completely transparent to our whole team. We run company wide yearly and quarterly planning sessions where we all discuss what needs to be achieved. We then run daily and weekly catch ups, keeping everyone on track and accountable, to ensure they complete their work within the required time frame.

It’s been so long since I’ve worked traditional business hours in an office, I’m honestly not sure I’d know how to do it anymore, and I know for sure I wouldn’t get as much done as I do now (as a side note, I’m writing this post at 10.30pm on a Tuesday night… but heys its 9am somewhere!)

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