Finding the right team-players is key to the growth of your business.

Scale up and meet demand with experienced remote professionals from around the globe.  

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#01 Recruitment

We take care of everything from the sourcing, pre-screening and preparation of your 3 shortlisted candidates. We organize and facilitate interviews between you and the candidates.

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#02 Integration

Once you've made your decision, we assist with integrating the staff into your business with workshops on how to train and manage your global talent.

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#03 Management

We handle all payment to staff, time management, security, legalities, attendance and reporting, so you can focus on growing your business.

“I chose Grow My Team because at the end of the day I wanted a person to speak to on the phone or email or in person, who understood what I was trying to achieve in my business, and who could help to nurture the right attitudes and match people to grow our human resources organically.”


Our recruitment offering


Top shelf (perfect for single roles)

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Role defining

Detailed job brief

Candidate top-grading

Candidates presented

Client interview

Offer & negotiation

Selection & placement


$ 1,995

Custom (perfect for multi-hires)

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Role defining

Growth mapping & detailed job briefs

Multi recruitment process

Candidates presented

Client interview

Offer & negotiation

Selection & placement


special pricing


Book a Discovery Session


“Working with Grow My team has enabled us to access excellent and highly-skilled talent from all over the world. We have been with Grow My Team for almost five years now (basically since they started) and have currently have two team members based out of South Africa, five in the Philippines and one in the United States.”

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